Who are you?

Don today pretty calm. Very interested in hanging around the nurse and the med cart. Pretty good for 4 pm when he has been usually sundowning. Happy to sit down and rest. Asked me who i was and where delores was. Having trouble pronouncing my name. Asked me at one point, “You’re Jim aren’t you?”

But overall he seems to be a bit more content, more bemused than frightened, and that has lifted my own spirits too.

A tiny tiny tiny touch of anti-anxiety med might be helping him. Time will tell but it has been 3 weeks since any paranoid expressions. Just hoping, because to lose him,  have him confused and ill AND in fear is more than i can bear.

As for me, some heavy duty absorbing work, spring, and the tiny pea shoots in my small garden, along with knowing don is comfortable, have lifted my spirits.

Despite the odd diversion into regret and a more accepting grief,  I wake calm and happy, eager for the day. I have no grandiose plans or ambitions, but i am content with daily life. This is one of those periods when i count our blessings, and include our public health system among them.


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2 responses to “Who are you?

  1. tressbackhouse

    Acceptance of differences​ in the one that is most loved , is difficult under any circumstance , but when this becomes a lessoning of the connection to this earthly life , it seems to be rather like trying to hold the hand of a loved one , being swept away by a tide that is uncontrollable, but perhaps the destination is just beyond our present sight!


  2. Peggy Ash

    Thinking of you both. We will have to get together for coffee soon. Hugs to you.