Another birthday, another party

Despite my anxiety and angst, The Birthday turned into another party, because of the great staff at the care home.

When i got there, Don was a little querellous, and not interested in anything much that i had brought – a balloon, a soft stuffed rabbit, some coloured papers and a card. He seemed to think i was up to something (hmmmm, i was sort of annoyed at the time, but come to think of it, i guess i was!)

But we moved into cake mode and soon almost every patient and lots of family were gathered.

Don joined in singing Happy Birthday as the cake was lowered in front of him, stopping and throwing his hands out in astonishment when we got to “dear Donald.” This led to general laughter and lots of sharing, with a few more cards and staff drifting in from here and there.

Later we went for a walk, garnering more well wishes, and he expressed a few thoughts.

First, “83. …. I’m old!”

Then, happily, “Did you see? All the people came!”

It was a lovely little joyous party.


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  1. tressbackhouse

    Each happy moment counts !​