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Looking so angelic

He is again in bed before supper but had been up all morning (bath day) until after lunch, when he was nodding off, the nurse said. The care aide said they would be sure to get him up when i came to give him supper.

Which is great if it works for him. These days it is hard to tell, but after i fuss around and hold his hand and stroke his cheeks, I always ask – are you okay? and almost always he opens an eye, semi-smiles, and says, Yes.

Today i did not want to stay until supper, and he was fine. I duck down until I am in the range of his slit of an opened eye. Sometimes i brush my hair across his face and he reacts the same as always, with a grimace and a smile.

I kiss him goodbye and see he is still lying so quietly, awake, just still, calm. So I kiss him again and tell him I will be back tomorrow. Slowly he answers, To Morrow.

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