I bounce down the hall and into the special care ward, practically with a song in my heart, feeling good. The place is pretty quiet, and I spy my love sitting firmly in a chair.

This is good because for far too long he has lurched along on aching feet. I approach, as he sits motionless. Not agitated, not sleeping, not talking to himself as he often does. Just sitting, thinking, I guess.

“Oh look at that beautiful face,” he greets me. “Who are you?”

We get through the preliminaries and i don’t know if he really remembers who i am, but he is happy to hold hands as we talk. “I guess we’ll being heading to Ontario soon,” he suddenly says clearly.

“Yes,” I reply. “But not right now.” I feel my heart begin to tear apart but try to ignore it.

“Do you have enough money?” he asks.

“Yes, there’s lots of money.”

“Oh good, I was thinking and thinking to see if we had money. I love you all the time. ”

By then I am shattered and tossed helplessly in grief again. “I’m sorry I’m crying.”

“Yes,” he says calmly, “I see that.”

And, with much deliberation, some apparently aimless fussing, and a lot of confusion about the tea, the spoon, the food, we eat lunch and I come home until the next time.

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  1. tressbackhouse

    I may be wrong , But I think that is wonderful,, The feeling of his love for you come through so clearly, it is only clouded by his inability to speak thewords in the thought patterns of the earth that we are living on! ( if that can make any sense to you)