Don seems to be sleeping more and more. I would estimate that 3 days a week he will sleep 12 to 14 hours a day, with a couple of extra small naps. I have checked carefully all his drug reactions and looked through my diaries and it does not seem to be food or drug related. I think the activities of daily living are just exhausting for him. This morning, it being a lovely day and my love’s mind being relatively clear, we went out into the garden to trim his beard. All went well, but when it was time to stand up and get into the house, he staggered in and fell on to his couch for a nap, and has been napping for two hours. I think the stress of holding it together for the hair cut was just so tiring he needed to rest afterward.

Yesterday, one of our caregivers took him to the Farmers’ Market to hear some music, but it was too much for him. When he got home he got slowly more confused and agitated — asking the same confused questions over and over and over — fortunately I thought to give him an aspirin and he went to sleep, sleeping in straight through from 9 pm until 8 am. I think these situations just overwhelm him now.

All this despite his continual agitation to go back to his old family homestead in Ontario. It breaks my heart when he asks, “When are we going?” “Will I ever see Slate Falls again?” (Of course, it is also crazy making.) It makes me want to scream — if you can’t handle a trip to the grocery store HOW are you going to travel? But of course, he doesn’t know, and has no ability to think it through. Kind of a comfortable place to be, I guess.


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