Who are you/

Was he joking when he asked over and over this morning, “Who are you?” I was so unsure that I didn’t dare ask.

This has happened to several of the women in the Caregivers’ group just lately — like an epidemic…..and we are all trying ot get our heads around it.

I know he has not recognised me occasionally in passing once in awhile, and once for a whole morning about 8 months ago. So I suppose some day, if not today, it will happen to us – he will not know who I am. How very strange. Is there still an “us” if one of “us” doesn’t know it?


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5 responses to “Who are you/

  1. Grace Clarke

    dear one, YOU know who he is, that hasn’t changed. I heard one of an elderly gentleman who went every day to the care home to feed his wife. In conversation with someone they asked him why he keeps visiting when his wife hadn’t known who he was for such a long time. He replied, “Ah but I know who she is!”


  2. Yes. Thank you. A friendly word to help centre….


  3. There will be an ” Us ” as long as you still know who he is ? But only you will be able to recognize the “us” in it. ..


  4. Jenny

    Its a very lonely ‘us’ and devastating and hurtful when it happens but you are not alone. I hope that can be of some comfort for you.


  5. norleen lillico

    Your integrity to the loving relationship that fostered the ‘us’ is powerful and inspiring. I’m saddened by how devastating this all is. Thank you for writing and posting this.