Counting the Blessings

I woke up this morning thinking about those words, “Every day do one thing for yourself” and thinking….

I do so many things for myself each day and I am so lucky – blessed some would say – that I feel ashamed of all the time I spend lamenting my lot.

I have my garden beds to entertain me with the promise of eternal regrowth each year (oh I could focus on the loss of my huge organic garden in my old home, oh yes I could! or I can remember how my back ached and ached with all that work and just rejoice for a few fresh veggies and the flowers every summer.)

I have my piano lessons – a new challenge which torments and teases me into focusing beyond myself.

I have my work, my passion for environmental justice, which sustains me and gives me purpose every day, along with the awesome responsibility to all those who travel that lonesome road with me and the critters.  And I do mean awesome – I am filled with awe at the greatness of spirit, the generosity, the vision,  I see in others each day.

I have the love which brought me to this place. That love is intact, even if we the people holding it close are damaged by the ravages of age, as old growth slowly returns to the forest. 

With my love being barely functional, I get to make all the choices about what we eat, and when we do things — bit of a double-edged sword that one, but still, it is nice to not have to consult anyone else on the daily trivia!

I have a loving family whose support is unconditional and I feel their love and concern in my heart, holding me up, every day.

Some of my love’s children have become close to us both, and that brings me great joy and a sense of good, as well as the practical help which they extend.

I have so many friends, who seem to always stepping up to my side when I falter, much as I do for my love when he staggers and almost falls, my friends, who seem to be there even before I know I need them, each one offering some little thoughtful gift of time or help or support — sometimes just a great big belly laugh — sometimes a healing session, sometimes a quiet walk.

Yes, I do lots of things for myself each day, and horrid as this situation is or can be, I am among the fortunate ones in this world.  

Let me remember that.


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2 responses to “Counting the Blessings

  1. Grace Clarke

    Thank you for sharing such great perspective! It’s sort of like choosing to be whinnie the Pooh rather than Eore! Gbud


  2. Exactly.

    And you know the old adage — you can’t change other people (or your fate). The only thing you can choose is your attitude and what you make of situations.