Here’s a course at NIC that might be of use to some of us — I am planning to take it if I can get a caregiver for the day!


                Activity Programming for Residents with Dementia

                     If you have an interest in developing activities for seniors who have cognitive challenges this workshop will be of value to you. Activities are planned to meet emotional, physical, cognitive and social needs. You will be introduced to the basics of how to plan activities to enhance a client’s skills and abilities in the areas of daily living and leisure. Topics covered will be brain function and how it affects programming, problem solving strategies, and implementing practical solutions. Please wear comfortable clothes for active participation.


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  1. Ken and Jean Manness

    THX for the information, JM


  2. Ken and Jean Manness

    I will be away but my care worker is going. Delores can you save all the paper work you can for me please? I would so appreciate it. Jeanie