Tele-Workshops in October

Just got an email from the Care-ring Voice Network about their fall webinars — or tele-workshops. The workshops are also listed here:

These are free sessions that you phone in to, and sometimes you can ALSO watch on your computer (but the phone is the important part). They are usually in the evening or at noon, and only one or two hours. There are several sessions  this fall on elder abuse, but also lots on and for Caregivers too.

The BC Family Caregivers Network Society (  has one on Assertiveness Training for Caregivers. Hope it tells me how to tell my guy NO without triggering a major episode.  Or maybe how to tell people they really have no idea what is going on in his head (or not) when he smiles and looks pleasant.

Many of the BC workshops are facilitated by Allison reeves, a therapist in Victoria who I find enormously helpful. Don’t know how she gets the emotional energy to be so empathetic and directed at the same time, but she has helped me many times over these many years.

Anyway, I hope people take advantage of these workshops — they are a wonderful resource, and one more way of sharing our burdens, our successful strategies, and our joys.


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  1. I forgot to say – they also have “podcasts” of previous sessions – loads of them – they are recordings that you can download and listen to on your computer, but…I have to say I find the live workshops a lot more compelling.
    Here is the link for these: