Not Easy

Saying goodbye is hard. The staff where Don has lived for 4 and a half years have literally formed my Village.

Tonight i am grieving saying goodbye to some dedicated caregivers, and really decent human beings. We all know why it was time for us to “hit the road,” but the next bend is scary, of course.

And i will miss the sweet thoughtful kindness of those who looked after Don, and so many times held me as i wept uncontrollably.

The die is cast now, but it is a small beautiful Valley. My friends, be well, until we meet again, and I am sure we will.



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4 responses to “Not Easy

  1. Anonymous

    Delores, you and Don have had many years of ‘hitting the road’ together for some very memorable trips; I hope this one will be the right journey for you both, and I’m glad you can take it together, at least when you actually do ‘hit the road.’ I love Don’s comment; he obviously has total faith in your decades of journeys together.


  2. Susan Yates

    That was my comment above re ‘hitting the road’ but the computer bolted ahead without my name!


  3. Thinking about you both. x


  4. Anonymous

    Goodbyes are always hard. but you aremoving into a welcoming space, and you have many friends there too. All will be well. Love to you and Don.