Since the facility was locked down for an influena A outbreak just 2 weeks before the Covid lockdown, or lockout, I have had a bad feeling about this.

Before i say more, i want to give a shout out to Island Health, who have been ahead of the provincial actions in many ways and who are doing all they can to protect the long term care facilities.

And BC itself has taken emergency provisions (and had the contractual and regulatory – hello Licensing-   ability and the ethical staff to use those provisions.)

And every single underpaid staff member at this Seniors Village is working way beyond what should be asked of them, including voluntarily not seeing their own families. My respect is huge for these good people i call my friends. We have been through a lot together, and they have been through much more.

Where the BC regulatory reform goes after Covid, if there is an after, we will see. But for now Don’s care home on Vancouver Island is probably as safe as it can be.

But my darling himself is in bed far too much of any day to hope. Today, he was only up, by himself mind, for half an hour, after getting all his meals in bed.

They are turning him to prevent pressure sores and he is still eatimg heartily. But this is not good.

The last time i saw him, about mid march, we wandered around and around for about 15 minutes,  and then he said, Wait, is that you? I said, Yes! It is me!

And he said, “Oh that is wonderful,” and touched me gently all over my hair, my face, my body, breathing in amazement.

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  1. Susan Yates

    Let us now praise the blessed, healing gift of touch from a beloved