Figure i will save the tins of kippered herring i keep buying because my AWOL darling loved them… gonna save them for the ensuing famine if we don’t get this darn bug under control. They would each be a week’s worth of nutrition in a famine.

Right now we are all struggling and huffing and puffing with having to  fight covid on its natural terms… distance, avoiding infection, etc. instead of what we are used to — pop a pill, brew some magic herbs, call the doc,  go to Emerg.

Nope, says Covid-teacher, welcome, earthlings. It’s my world, for now.


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3 responses to “Kippers

  1. Susan Yates

    What else does Don especially like? Let us hope that vintage kippers taste even better, after an unknown length of time. And covid teaches a hard lesson, but I’ve never seen the Oregon grape (mahonia nervosa) look so freshly, deeply, gloriously green. Love, Susan >


  2. Anonymous

    I love kippered herring – we could share a tin – I’lll bring the Jacobs cream crackers – and a bottle of wine when this is over


  3. Anonymous

    Thanks Delores! Great perspective!