Love light

People ask, Does he recognize you? Lately sometimes, as occasionally over the years, the answer has been, Not always.

He certainly doesn’t seem to know my name anymore but knows I am a friend.

Today my welcome was spectacular. When he saw me he broke into the most amazing delighted grin and pulled me into a hug. He leaned down and, as has become a ritual, delicately kissed my lips, giving a funny little nod of satisfaction and happiness.

All through lunch, he would reach out and give my arm a happy stroke.

His delight brought tears to my eyes.

More and more lately i have been feeling our time together is precious and have been making extra visits. After all, what woman wouldn’t be thrilled to have her love welcome her so extravagantly?


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2 responses to “Love light

  1. Anonymous

    Such moments are precious. I am happy for you.


  2. Tress Backhouse

    the happiness comment was me ! just messed up the entry!

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