Positive relations but a twist on the road

After an overall easy day, with little going on. The caregiver, right on the ball, actually coaxed Don out for ice cream. Things got a bit touchy for awhile after they came back but settled down with some lame but successful diversion.

We heard him say “Hi” quite happily to the guy in the mirror.

I knew we were fine when, as I started to dish out dinner, Don suggested haltingly that it would be nice if we filled a plate for that fella in there (nodding at the bathroom).

Oh, I said, thinking fast, I think if he wants supper he should come and sit at the table with the rest of us.

But the harmony was not to last. As I was writing this post, I had to stop, due to the familiar but increasingly urgent refrains of Let’s go, I want to go home, Where’s the car, etc.

By the time we got to bed, Don was literally jumping up and down in and out of bed, saying, I have to go, I have to go talk with Delores. I tried everything, but it took three hours and several pills to settle him down.

I haven’t seen that level of delusion and aggressiveness in a few months. Sigh.




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4 responses to “Positive relations but a twist on the road

  1. Wendy Kotilla

    Is Don on the list for permanent care at Glacier View? If so, how long? Hard question to ask, but it sounds so very difficult for you. Maybe it has become your new normal….whatever that means. Sending BIG LOVE!

    Wendy Kotilla 4327 Minto Road Courtenay, BC V9N 9P7 250-336-8487 http://www.youthecology.ca

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  2. Anonymous

    I was going to say what Wendy said, Delores. You are handling all of this so magnificently but we all know it ain’t easy. I love to read your thoughts about things as they unfold.


  3. Anonymous

    Whoops. It’s Roberta DeDoming here.

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  4. tressbackhouse

    Hang in!​ Big hug!