How Do I Get Into These Situations?

It happened again the other night — a simple night out listening to folk music, and I found myself in conversation with an earnest young social worker who was batting her eyes and assuring me that this caregiving experience was a “wonderful opportunity for personal growth.” She assured me she knew how hard it was (Not!) and continued, “But seriously, you need to look at it as a great experience.” I explained that putting most of my own personal work on hold for nine years did not strike me as a wonderful opportunity. Then, she started to outline all the wonderful programs we have in the valley to help caregivers. Almost all of which I have, of course, tried.

Oh the humanity.


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2 responses to “How Do I Get Into These Situations?

  1. I here you loud and Delores, you only know if you are living it and you are a Warrior woman filled with compassion , just not enough for your own compassion …if only . Stay in your heart as you are so good at that , and its the only thing that gets you out of the darker moments. Big hug


  2. that was loud and clear ,ooops Im multi tasking today on low energy