Dementia Care Courses

I feel a bit daft. Here I have been muttering around about the need for more training for dementia care and I just found this site which offers all kinds of resources and specializes in training aides at Long term care institutions. There is a whack of stuff there that we can use as home caregivers or to help train our people who are helping us, whether paid or family-and-friends. They have an extensive library and also a lovely little e-book on communication tips, which I think is a good first step.

On top of this new discovery, I have also found out that the BC government has a registry site for care workers, the British Columbia Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry, (

which requires employers to report abuses, and to hire only registered health care workers. Who knew!



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2 responses to “Dementia Care Courses

  1. Peggy Ash

    Thanks for the information Delores. Hope everything is going well with you and all the other caregivers.


  2. Excellent link. Thanks for s sharing.