Useful site and nice newsletter

The Mayo Clinic Alzheimer newsletter shows up in my email every couple of weeks with calm words of advise and encouragement from other caregivers, as well as news of any research updates. I find it very supportive.


by | September 14, 2013 · 8:11 pm

3 responses to “Useful site and nice newsletter

  1. JM

    how do I find this newsletter? Thanks in advance


  2. Ken and Jean Manness

    Hey Delores, how do I post things? thx. Jeanie


  3. dbroten
    From this page you can retrieve all their info, AND subscribe to their newsletter.

    Re contributing to this site — I am trying hard to figure this out! There is a way to make you an author but so far I haven’t been able to follow all the steps I need to do….