Bravely Setting Forth

For many years now I have been a member of a Caregivers’ Support Group in the Comox Valley (Thank you, Seniors’ Peer Counselling).

During that time I have read websites, books, everything I could find on all kinds of dementia, vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s, caregiving, grief and survival (almost none of which helped as much as the sisterhood of the caregivers’ group.)

For many years now also I have kept notes, done an email update to friends and family, and journalled regularly, all the while hoping eventually to write the book I have been searching for.

But as the years go by and as my beloved partner gets sicker and sicker, I begin to doubt that book will ever get written – I’m going to run out of steam first! So I’ve decided to start this blog, as a way of sharing with my sisters in the caregiving group, and others who cannot come out, some of the discoveries, the fears the joys and traumas, of our journey into the long silence.

I’m so new to this that I don’t even know how to do anything — so I am sure there will be many glitches along the way. But, hey, that’s what we are finding in our lives on the path we did not choose to take!

Everyone in our situation, caring for loved ones with dementia, is welcome to add their voices to this blog, and in particular the “Tuesday” group – you know who you are! We agreed we would all use initials or pen names to keep our identities private.

My hope is that this blog will provide a small bit more companionship and comfort to we who travel this road, so often alone.


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