Slowly getting lost

I know the day would come, or rather, I had read the day would come but did not really believe it, until yesterday. We went out last night for a little trip to the bridge to look for salmon, which we have done dozens of times over the last few years. Don swore he had never been there before — which happens occasionally. When we got home he explored the house, and said, “Oh this is the office.” “Oh there’s a bedroom – we could sleep there.” Following my policy of 8 years now, I showed no surprise (I think) and simply said, “Yes we could and we will! Do you want to watch TV?” thus changing the subject and giving myself time to think, (or is it brood?) about this development.

He seems to know his way around the house today.


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  1. JM

    That is so difficult good thing you diverted him when you got home with the TV. My heart goes out to you. It seems he is so brave and so are you.