It has happened again. I went out in the world to a meeting where i think i contributed my mind and my experience to discussion and problem solving.

As i came home i felt so alive, so happy to do something i love.

And then, again, the crash, the grief, anguish, the unrelenting lonliness, the horror at what has happened. It seems as soon as i leave my isolated coccoon where i can stay tightly inside my body, focussed on the day, as soon as i extend out to spaces where I used to thrive, and as soon as i feel i could still thrive, i crash back into incapacitating loss.

Feeling old, and thinking – just for a split second – oh it’s ok, now we can be a little old man and a little old woman together, we will have such fun.

And then suddenly remembering, no. Remembering too how i always scorned proudly and said, I’ll be just fine without you. And how annoying it was that he never believed me.

In some ways, the hideous thing is when consoling friends say, but you lost him long ago. Oh well yes I did, and grieved all the way.

But only the part of him that could read and write and do other stuff was lost. The inner core was there always, the connection, body to body and spirit to spirit, the deep intuitive sharing. We never lost that. He was determined to keep it, and i responded.

So now, amidst the enormous pain and grief of the world, i sit, crying my heart out for one lost man.


On another note, I would like to hold a zoom memorial for him on April 16th, his birthday. Well i don’t want to at all, but i have, i think, to do it sometime, for his family and friends, and maybe as a closure for me. I thought some photos and music and readings from his writings, and then anyone who would like to speak. Please let me know if you would like to read or speak. It will be an open space.


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5 responses to “Again

  1. Anonymous

    Yes I have some things to say and some things to sing at Don’s memorial! This blog is the best I’ve heard from you in a while. Love to you. TTYL

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  2. Debbie

    No, he was not lost long ago. He showed himself all the way through in some of the most wonderous ways. I’ll be there on the 16th. And I’d like to speak. Delores, keep venturing out of your cocoon.. each time it will be a little easier when you return. Love you sister.

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  3. Dona

    I would like to be there for you Delores, and to know Don more.

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  4. Anonymous

    Delores, knowing how much love you and Don shared and how you always managed to find each other in the chaos of Alzheimer’s, it’s completely understandable how profound your grief is. Time will soften the pain but you will always miss him. I believe that when your time comes (and I hope you stick around for a long time❤️❤️) you will be in each other’s arms again. I so appreciate that you have shared this journey of love, frustration and grief with us. My prayer is that time dulls the sharp edges of your grief and that Don lives on in your heart until you meet again on the other side. I would love to say a few words at Don’s memorial. Sending love and warmest hugs.❤️🌹


  5. Send me a message please by email