Sob sister

i can’t begin to imagine the life (or to apologize for my own hyperventilating) watching cbc national on the opening of a tiny bit of day care for parents and their kids who are disabled and need 24 hour care from parents who have had no respite —  for either parents or kids – during Covid so far.

And i am also thinking of ALL those thousands and thousands of caregivers, of loved ones with dementia and all the other needs, who have dealt for the last 4 months without home care, without day care, without a break. Unbelievably hard.

I want to eat, walk back, all my bitching and complaining because my pain, much as it did hurt and does hurt, is a silly blip in the wind to those in the daily struggle to stay sane and care. I know, because i was also there for years.

I am awestruck by those parents especially who have chosen to give up.all their life to their child … forever.

But also all those home caregivers who have been cast aside by the Covid winds. You have a harder row to hoe than we can imagine.

All Respect.

And please get in touch if there is something i can do to help. Yes I am a wounded one, but nothing heals more than helping.


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3 responses to “Sob sister

  1. Kathleen

    Blessings to you Delores


  2. Grace Clarke

    Thanks for this perspective.


  3. This one really hits me in the gut, Delores. Just thinking about the length and means essential workers have to go through on a daily basis —to keep themselves and others safe — that we seem to have totally forgotten. Those people need to be in the forefront… their stories told so that people will come together again hopefully and recognize it’s about all of us.
    I think in these past few months you have had such a great impact. I think folks across this country were shaken awake by the situation in nursing homes, the battle you have been waiting for years now. When the second wave comes, I imagine the learning from the first wave will effect positive changes.