Special Stones

Remembering tonight the day – oh 6 or 7 years ago when we were flying to Ontario. To my …. er, concern,  Don decided to share with the airport security guy as we went through the checkpoint (all of that being incomprehensible and thus nonexistent to his nibs, nice trick!) his precious stones tucked in his pocket (no way was he having anything to do with putting them in our checked bag.)

So just as we were going to walk through xray, he pulls them out and proudly shows them to the guy on security. Wants to.give him one. A special gift.

I am holding my breath. And then  in one of so many beautiful interactions among humans , the man grins and says, hey, yes! It’s ok, you keep those.

See I have some too, and pulls his own special stones out of his pocket.


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5 responses to “Special Stones

  1. Susan Yates

    Oh Delores, how sweet is this story! And what are the chances you’d get a security person with such compassion…maybe better than I thought?

    Love, Susan >


  2. Wendy Kotilla

    Awesome story of stones and compassion!
    Love Wendy


  3. Anonymous

    “Precious Memories!…. Unseen angels”


  4. Anonymous

    Reminds me of my husband taking Mum through security into the UK for her grand-daughter’s wedding trip, and the alarms all going crazy. Body search revealed 2 pocket knives, 5 nail clippers and 3 tweezers… And my husband had searched her jacket pockets prior!


  5. Anonymous

    nice story – special stones in
    my life too – love sal