22 days

It has been 22 days since I have been locked out of my love’s care room.due to a vicious round of norovirus which is currently re-infecting those who have already been sick a week ago. How long these fragile souls can withstand this extra stress should be a concern to all relatives.

At first it felt like a bit of a holiday– freedom from the wrenching emotional roller coaster of anticipatory (and ever-present real) grief which is triggered less or more with every daily visit.

I suddenly had time for self care like a visit to the dentist, a call to a friend. I was ok.

But now enough is enough. I need to see him, hug him, enjoy his presence and I cannot.

Worse, there is no communication from the facility. No measures announced from Island Health to help or check on procedures at their contractor. A contractor with neither dietitian nor director of care. Who is addressing protocols?   who is ensuring consistency throughout the system? who is searching for the weak links in their sterilization methods? Are they washing the floor every day with disinfectant? I know the staff are wiping and cleaning but they are starting I suspect to feel defeated.

We who wait can only wonder, and try to figure out a lever of accountability. Anyone know a good lawyer?


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4 responses to “22 days

  1. Susan

    Delores, this is horrifying, even just hearing about it. I’m so sorry for you and Don and every person who has been left lonely and isolated by this. One would think that if we can send health workers into an ebola zone without endangering their lives, that an outbreak like norovirus in a so-called ‘first world’ care facility would not result in this disastrous state of affairs.


  2. Delores, I ache for you and this new hardship on top of everything else. I am aghast to do a google search on this topic and find NOTHING posted, in the news or on their web site, about this situation. Please keep us updated and let us know if you need any support regarding getting better communication on this. Not even sure who to approach – Island Health? Government?

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  3. I’m not sure either….still digging


  4. tappingdetective

    Oh Delores. My heart goes out to you. This sure brings back memories. My Dad had just been transfered, (thankfully), from a horrible ward with some truly dreadful nurses and an aggressive roommate to a much better ward, with wonderfully caring nurses, (which I did not yet know at the time), when SARS hit Sunnybrook hospital. The whole situation was truly unbelievable. When we were finally let back in the protocols that were in place didn’t apply to everyone which I found totally bizarre. First we had to wear masks and gloves but then, after a few days I didn’t but the people I hired to be with Dad, when I couldn’t be, did. WTF! I saw nurses and support staff doing 12 hours shifts struggling to breathe so they only wore the mask over their mouths. The whole thing was a shit show and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it, try as I may. I wish I had more to offer you besides my compassion, some understanding of what you are going through and some tapping with you to help decrease the frustration, fear and anticipatory grief….Let me know if you would like to connect over Skype or Zoom? Big Hugs,

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