Joy in my heart

It may be too early to rejoice but tonight I am.

It has been an interesting week. No falls, and a guy no more cognescent of his surroundings, no more able to recognize people, but still brighter eyed, more present.

I attribute this to a team, each contributing with his well being at heart.

The nurses and LPNs are now on regular shifts, so they know him, and suggested cutting his older heritage meds, since he hasn’t been dangerous and paranoid lately.

Our family doctor immediately agreed.

The care aides suggested he was tripping on his shoes and suggested removing them at least for now. They also became vigilant about letting him sleep in – sometimes til after lunch- or else coaxing him to nap in the afternoon.

The rec staff know their dancer well and are ensuring he gets stimulation. Today another resident’s wife brought in a marvelous quilt, decorated with sensual and visual variety, from ribbons and buttons to lace. He remained engrossed, stroking and feeling and folding for over an hour.

And we his family in town – his son and daughter in law and me – also share the load of visiting everyday at the danger time after lunch, observing and asking questions. Showing how very much we cared about his care.

It all seems to be adding up to a guy who is more calm and less stricken as this disease weaves its deadly way.


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