What just happened?

I have always had a suspicion that we were deeply in sync, with no words. Often Don would answer a question I was just thinking about to myself, and not out loud. Or I would suggest something that he had just been thinking about.

But couples living together, especially as intensively as we have, in the bush or working together 24/7, can expect to develop a closeness.

Yet this deeper communication was so elusive, not exactly cryptic but under the surface, that I have never been sure exactly what it was or if it was.

Take today. He was pretty dozy when I got there after lunch, but we chatted and talked a bit, neither of us understanding any words, just body language.

After a while he stood up and clearly  and pretend casually –  asked, “So how long will you be gone?” The question he always asked, in exactly that tone, when I went away.

My jaw dropped. By no means verbal or physical, had I told him I was going on a mini-holiday the next day.

“Oh” I said, recovering from the surprise and wondering if I was crazy to take a gamble on the truth but in a kind of magic zone, “3 or 4 days.” He nodded.


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  1. Miranda Holmes

    Oh, D. what a memory that just brought back! You know which one. My heart goes out to you both.

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