Some days are diamonds

What a lovely day today. I had lunch with a dear sweet friend who always makes me feel comfort and a calm joy.

Then toddled over to the care home where we met with Don’s son and his wife. Things were a bit uncertain at first, Don in a bit of a vague mood. He would have been perfectly happy to sit on a bench in the ward and snooze holding my hand.

But then magic started to happen. A musical group including a caregiver friend of mine set up in the lobby and we had an hour of singalong. And of course, Himself started dancing, to the encouragement of the band. He danced and got me up and dancing — I no longer care what it looks like, I only seek that happy smile on his face when we lift our arms up together, or when he murmers, “You are so beautiful today.”

Our family had a good time, the audience enjoyed the music, and I think the musicians did too.

At the end, more magic. Don turned and looked at his son,  and said “Wait, is that… ? …Well I’ll be damned!” Breaking into a huge grin with a big hug of joy and happiness to see him.

Shortly after, the realisation was lost again, but once more regained – another moment of joy – before we said goodbye.

A clear demonstration of the power of music and dancing to re-activate the ailing brain.

And to give us a happy day.


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3 responses to “Some days are diamonds

  1. tressbackhouse

    a so happy nfor your lovely day ! happy Easter!


  2. Anonymous

    Just read this to Mom who is here in Ottawa for EASTER. Mom said,
    GOD BLESS DON, was always a good natures kid!


  3. Peggy Ash

    So nice to hear of your good day!