A Circle of Care

Of course it has been evident, when I looked, for years. There is a mostly silent circle of care supporting me, wrapping me with warmth. You all know who you are but tonight i want you all to know i know too, and am deeply grateful for all the love and support each of you in your own ways give me.

Social connection, an ear which seems to never tire while i rave and vent and mourn, practical advice, physical help, a shovel ready appearance from nowhere, a ready laugh at the horrific,…oh there are so many of you, held close to my heart.

And yes it takes a village to lift someone up and hold them. Not just through these dreadful events of my life and don’s life lately, but for all of us as we travel through the rapids and the calms, the tidal bores and the sunsets, we do all need each other, holding each other up and paddling like mad.

Thank you


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3 responses to “A Circle of Care

  1. Anonymous

    you are so very blessed, to have those kind of moments of gratefulness …


  2. Yes it feels very very good


  3. Wendy Kotilla

    I hope you count me in that circle, Delores. Maybe not in the closest circle, but still there. I feel sometimes that you listen to me more than I listen to you and I thank you for that, especially today. I hold you close in my thoughts, even if the words don’t come to express that so much. Please know that I love, respect and support you with your life and how you walk in the world, most especially with your love for Don. Wendy Kotilla 4327 Minto Road Courtenay, BC V9N 9P7 250-336-8487 http://www.youthecology.ca

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