The Wailing

Yesterday was a busy day for work, preparing for changes and then shopping for more pj’s for Don. Seems he is a bit heavy on the laundry.

After a pleasant evening, as I turned to go to bed, I was overwhelmed. I started wailing, imagining Don lurching around the empty halls of the care home, looking for me in the middle of the night. The agony was unbelievable.

Eventually the wails subsided and I phoned the night nurse, who was pleasant and said Don was snoring peacefully. I thanked her and fell into a deep calm sleep.

But remembering that pain brings tears to my eyes again.


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4 responses to “The Wailing

  1. Tress Backhouse

    I wish that I could give you comfort , I can only empathise.

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  2. Anonymous

    I will wail with you anytime anywhere

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  3. kathleen kinasewich

    a new journey, a new way with no manual ….a time of letting the wave of flow take its path…..
    love to you

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  4. Grace

    Yes, I hear you! You are not alone. What a crudely beautiful built in release valve for some of that grief hugs. tears.