Seniors Health is there for you

Last night Don’s oldest son phoned and they had a long talk, I don’t know what about, but Don was calm when he got off the phone and quietly went to sleep. I thought: “And the son is father to the man….”

But this morning he was right back at it, worrying about the car and the garage and how we would get the car into the house and how to get the gas out etc. At 6:10 am.

As soon as possible I phoned the Seniors Health nurse and he came out to the house for a visit. This too seemed to calm Don. The nurse advised on medications and arranged some other interventions, like encouraging me to take more respite. Later I told Don we needed to take separate holidays and he needed to go the care home for a week so they could observe him and he said, yes that makes sense. So we’ll see.

Takeaway is that VIHA does have some things right — and the system works. Just a few months ago I was wishing there was someone I could phone during unusual occurrences, and — loo and behold, there is!

Help is there and that makes me feel much better too.

Now I have to go because my love is back in the garage again this evening, “looking at the car” and slamming doors.

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  1. Peggy Ash

    I am glad you were able to have the nurses come out right away whe you needed them. Thinking of you.