Tough Day (and evening)

A bad day all around. Started off ok, sleeping in a bit and then a  good breakfast, but after that I started thinking about the situation and, feeling vulnerable, spent a little time crying and sniffling. However, as the rain softened the day, we got in the car and went off to buy potatoes at the farm stand. To my surprise, this went really well, with Don helping carry the basket and being very helpful and cheerful.

However, a few hours later, it was all to change with strange delusions about the car and the neighbours’ garage, and I don’t know what all. I tried all kinds of things to reset the broken record – from food to music, but nothing worked. Extra medication made a little difference and to this time, 6 hours later, delusions, rambling, and fear continue. I am just about at the end of my rope! Certainly the end of my patience.




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3 responses to “Tough Day (and evening)

  1. kathleen kinasewich

    Honey-I here you …your rope is thin …hold on dear one ..this time for you is coming to a close – get some more help now…love you lots


  2. Peggy Ash

    Sorry to hear that Delores. I know how trying on the patience that can be. Thinking of you.


  3. Anonymous

    Please, Delores, take care of yourself. Reading your next post, I re-double that advice.
    Thinking of you,