We were lying in bed with our coffee, waiting for the house to warm up. This early morning coffee-in-bed time used to be my treasured meditation/get-ready-for-the-day private time, but lately I have been encouraging my love to stay in bed with me and enjoy the early morning light. That way, I can relax because I know what he is doing.

So we were quietly lying there, and I had slipped off into memories of old friendships, when he said, haltingly,

“These….faces….I suppose the doctors did that.”


“When I look, I can see myself all right.”

“Mmm. That’s good. Mirrors only show what is there.”

Thirty-five minutes go by, and I slip back in a doze.

“All these faces, did they do that to you too?”


“When you look in the mirror, what do you see?”



After about another ten minutes, there ensued a short discussion of age and the inside and outside of mirrors, with me promising, “I will show you when we get up,” as I wondered just where this was going.

We had a nice breakfast, and then the subject came up again, and we trekked off tot he bedroom to make faces at ourselves in the mirror. Actually in both mirrors because he wondered if it would be the same.

It was, and that satisfied, and then it was time for another nap.

However after about 20 minutes, he woke up and started talking about the two people “over there,” and it took me over an hour to realize what he was remembering.

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