Unconditional love

At the lunch on Thurs. there were just 4 of us but we had a good chat. All of us feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Thank You for the article about Alzheimer’s it was very excellent. The graphics were really helpful to understand. I wonder if Dementia progresses in a similar way or if tends to be more specific to an area?  Take care my friend. As I looked around the table at lunch, I saw in each of the faces of the ladies there a commitment of love that is a choice, like the Source – God’s Agape love.  I thought when we get “frayed around the edges” It is so important to reconnect to the source to sense His unconditional love for us and wrap ourselves up in it to refresh and equip us for the task.  We can’t run on empty.  I was thinking of putting this on the blog but again forgot how ( in the fray) If you think it is worth it feel free.


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  1. I think that the areas of the brain affected in other kinds of dementia are in the end the same, but the progression from one area to another is different in different dementias — for example vascular might be more random as the mini-strokes proceed. And even in Alzheimer’s (pure Alzheimer’s instead of mixed? Hmmmm) it isn’t quite as tidy as the graphic — that’s why they say “If you have met one person with Alz, you have met one person with Alz.” Of course, from our position that is not awfully helpful!

    And yes, re the refreshing power of love – myself, I think of it as living in a state of grace 🙂 Once in awhile anyway.


  2. With declining cognitive function in MS , its intermittent . One moment there is a drama that the hot water is not working , all the while the tap is on the cold water side…these are the little things , when the brain is just not working right .They come and go . ..I remember to be calm and try to be in a place of grace in moments like this…it is the only way . When I try and discuss serious things , life connections , emotions – the MS mind cannot deal , so it shuts down and goes into a blah zone , that is when my grace seems to have gotten lost somewhere, and I get frustrated …anyhow its nice to have this little box to share those moments and know that there is a sisterhood of understanding. Blessings K