US report on Alzheimer’s

This is a fascinating (well, morbidly fascinating) and up-to-date report on Alz and other dementias in the United States: 2013 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures. As well as estimates of risk of developing Alz (of great interest because probably the US and Canadian figures are similar) it also includes a look at the financial and physical cost of caregiving.

One sample

• One in nine people age 65 and older (11 percent) has Alzheimer’s disease.

 • About one-third of people age 85 and older (32 percent) have Alzheimer’s disease.

 • Of those with Alzheimer’s disease, an estimated 4 percent are under age 65, 13 percent are 65 to 74, 44 percent are 75 to 84, and 38 percent are 85 or older.

 Sure makes it clear that our situation is not unique.


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